Monday, January 16, 2017

Policy Change Allows for Better Input by Citizens at Council Meetings

At last week's city council meeting the council approved a policy change to PS-7 submitted by Councilmember Eric Jenkins.

Briefly stated this change will allow for citizens interested in commenting on a project or any item to form a group and have one spokesperson (which could be an outside expert) speak on behalf of the group.  The individual would have 30 minutes with the possibility of two 15 minute extensions.

In the past when there was an item which resulted in many citizens wanting to speak there was a lack of a fluidity to their comments.  This was because each person was allocated five minutes.  As a result, many people repeated each other's comments.

With this change, well thought out commentary can be presented.  This procedure will apply to any Witem where a group wants to be represented.  Whether they be for or against a project, or any item.

This is a definite additional step in assuring citizen involvement and open government in Shawnee.

The changes are listed in the agenda with supporting documentation for the 1/9/17 meeting which can be viewed by clicking here

The city's web site of policy statements will be updated in the near future and then it can be viewed by going here

Kudos to Councilmember Jenkins for submitting this and to the council for approving it.