Saturday, January 14, 2017

She's A Pistol Will be Missed

I was in Sault Ste-Marie, Michigan for the recent holidays when word was received that Becky Bieker was closing down her store.

It was in Gardner, Kansas at the Tumbleweed CafĂ© when I first met Becky & Jon.  Was having lunch with a friend and as we were leaving I noticed this SUV in the parking lot all painted up with "She's A Pistol" and a logo, etc.  Seeing that it was after the normal lunch and they were the only other folks in the place I figured the vehicle was theirs.  So, went up and asked them, and they said yes.  Found out that they were looking to open a store front operation in either Lenexa or Shawnee.  Gave them some names of folks that might be able to help them.  None of those worked out but the good news was that they were able to make other contacts that could help.

What has happened to them has been written and covered by many folks so I will not go into the story itself.

What I'd like to do is comment about the four individuals who attempted to rob the store, killed her husband and ultimately caused her to suffer severe financial losses to the extent that she has had to close her business.

These four malcontents represent the worst of our society.  Instead of getting jobs and attempting to be productive members of the human race these animals chose to destroy and bring grief to five families.  First, to Becky and her family.  They took away her husband and best friend and caused a hard working business person to suffer the loss of her business.  A business that she and Jon spent years to develop.  A business that became an integral part of our community and which was respected by that community.

The other four families that they destroyed were theirs.  Their families will have to live with the knowledge of what they did.  Also, especially since these are young people, their families will never be able to see them bring joy and love into the world by having children of their own, and also by being productive members of society.

If justice prevails they will spend the rest of their natural lives incarcerated and unable to bring grief to anybody else.  And when they get there, these punk ass SOBs who thought they were tough will find out that they are not the toughest folks on the block.  They will meet individuals much tougher than they are.  And when they get there many of those that they meet will look at them as...... "fresh meat".