Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial Day, Monday 5/29/2017

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Most folks will have the day off.  Students will be home because schools will be closed.  The BBQ grills will be started, friends and relatives will visit and folks will have a good old time.

I ask that each and everyone of you take the  3 minutes and 31 seconds to view the below video.  Remember why it is that you have the day off.  Remember why you are able to visit with family and friends.  You can do all these things because of the members of our military who will not be here to have that day off.  They gave you the day off and the opportunity to visit with your family and friends, things that they will never be able to do themselves.

Remember them please, and make sure that you invite the young people with you to watch the video also.  Explain it to them.  Teach them.  Thank you.