Thursday, May 04, 2017

Third Candidate Files for Ward 3 Seat - There Will Be a Primary

There will be a primary election on August 1, 2017 for council rep in Shawnee's Ward 3.

Justin Adrian has filed to run and he will be facing Dave Myres and Jeff Vaught.

So, what does Justin Adrian bring to the table?  On his campaign web site, on the Meet Justin page he says "He has attended a major national convention and worked on national campaigns." 

I thought that was interesting, and yes, city elections are non-partisan, but I was intrigued, since he mentioned it.  So, a little digging and one comes up with a "Go Fund Me" page to raise money for his expenses to the convention.  It is here:

And what was the info on that page?  How about this?  "My name is Justin Adrian and I am one of two delegates representing Hillary Clinton for the state of Kansas at the Democratic National Convention."

Do I have an opinion on this?  You bet.  But first, for those who don't know me: four years in the army, discharged as a Staff Sergeant (E6), one year in Viet Nam and with a VA 20% disability because of the VN service. 

That info will probably help to explain my next comments.  No way would I want to see anybody who supports that lying, corrupt, Witch of Benghazi, as a local official.  No way would I want to see somebody who supports an individual who wants to destroy the 2d Amendment be elected to local office.  Now, I am really concerned about what he is teaching students since his profession is that of a social studies teacher.  Does he teach them that it is OK to lie about what happened in Benghazi?  I could go on and on and on, but I won't.

Anyway, suffice it to say that it is my opinion that the citizens of Ward 3 would be best served by not returning Jeff Vaught to office, and not replacing him with Justin Adrian.

Dave Myres would provide the folks in Ward 3 with the type of representation they deserve.