Tuesday, May 02, 2017

New Election Dates

April has come and gone  and even though this is an election year for city council there was no election.

That is because the election dates have been changed.  This year we have one seat in each of the four Shawnee council wards up for election.

Primary election is August 1, 2017 (only needed if more than two file for a seat)
General election is November 7, 2017

Traditionally, Shawnee and other cities have experienced extremely poor turn outs for local elections.
We have discussed that situation numerous times on this blog.  It's amazing how many folks vote for president, governor etc. but can't seem to get out and vote for local government officials.

Local government has the most effect on your daily lives.  The list is long, but just to mention a few, these items are:  sales taxes, building permits, zoning rules, business licenses, police, fire, snow removal, parks ad infinitum.

Also, local government is probably the most easily accessible for folks to address in person and voice their thoughts.

We in Johnson County are fortunate at the wide variety of voting options we have, advance voting in person or by mail are among these.  There is no reason why we should see a 12% voter turn out for local elections.

The next time that the city council does or does not do something, before you ask "How did that happen?" ask "Did I get involved?  Did I vote?  Did I contact council in person or via other means?"

Info on advance voting can be found here  https://www.jocoelection.org/voters/AdvanceVoting.htm