Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Time to Say Sayonara to Jeff Vaught

Dave Myres has filed to run against Jeff Vaught for Shawnee City Council Ward 3.

Dave's web site is

When Vaught ran for Mayor in 2015 he was bounced in the primary and never made it to the general election.  Ironically, the voters of Ward 3 did not want him to be mayor.  He came in third in his own ward.  Why?  Because maybe the voters in Ward 3 finally woke up and realized what kind of an arrogant, self serving individual he is.  Maybe they realized that they were not happy that he has a verifiable record of insulting fellow council members and members of the public.

After meeting Dave Myres I do not envision him to be divisive.  I firmly believe that Dave will work with other members of the council and just as importantly with the voters of his ward to make the city a better place.  Dave is educated, successful, and he has served his country as a Captain in the US Army.  It's time to "elect a vet" and not a "loudmouthed bully".