Saturday, July 22, 2017

100° Temps and Jeff Vaught Blows More Hot Air

To fully understand and comprehend what I am about to say it is necessary to read this portion of Jeff Vaught's recent mailer to the voters of Shawnee's Ward 3.

So, here it is, in his words, not mine.  Then I will explain why I am calling it hot air. (Click on the image to see a larger version)

Unbelievable......Jeff Vaught the master of bombastic bovine scatology does it again.  His comments about his opponents are, in a way funny and ironic.  He asks what city boards and commissions have they served on.  Well, what boards and commissions did he serve on before getting elected?  Do I hear a "nada"?  He claims that by two of them signing up to run they have created a primary for the voters of Ward 3.  Well, when he first ran he did the same thing.  Also, when he ran he said he'd bring civility to the council.  Heck he is the most abrasive member of the council towards his fellow council members and to members of the public.  Oh, and BTW Jeff, Dave has attended some council meetings.  You yourself didn't start going to them until you filed to run. 
He wants to know what record they have of civic involvement.  This coming from a man who shirked his responsibility to defend his country.  Civic involvement?  Dave Myres served his country first as an NCO then as a decorated army captain.  To me that is civic involvement.  One of Dave's assignments was as the OIC for the Ft. Bliss Funeral Detail where he supervised over 35 military funerals.  We know how important that is to the families.  And now he is associated with the Children's Ministry at the Westside Family Church.  Isn't that civic involvement?
What kind of civic involvement has Vaught been involved with, prior to his election?  Well, he did relocate his business from KCK to Shawnee after his election.  Gee, did he perhaps do that so as to maybe utilize his position to promote his business.  I mean, he is always telling us at council meetings (ad nauseum) that he is in commercial real estate (that's on the record).  Wonder, just how does he rank with other commercial real estate folks in the metro area?  Well, check out his web site and decide for yourself just how influential he is in the commercial real estate market.  Has he ever been a principal player or participant in any major (define that as $10 million plus) project in the metro area? 
It's time to remove Jeff  "The Arrogant One" from the council.  Vote for Dave Myres in the primary on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  There is also the opportunity for advance voting.  Check out the info at the county election office web site by clicking here  Also note that there has been a change in the voting location in Shawnee Ward 3 Precinct 7.