Sunday, July 16, 2017

Three Reasons NOT to Vote for Brandon Kenig - Ward 4

There are IMHO, three good reasons NOT to vote for Brandon Kenig in the Ward 4 primary.

What are these reasons?

1.  State Rep Tom Cox
2.  State Rep Shelee Brim
3.  State Rep Linda Gallagher

You might ask, huh?   OK, it is easy to explain.  These three state reps have all endorsed Kenig.  They are listed as such on his mailed campaign literature. These three are apparently anti-second amendment state legislators.  Ergo, since they endorse Kenig it would be safe to say he in turn supports them (a little quid pro quo?).  As a ward 4 resident I don't want somebody to represent me on the city council who supports anti-second amendment state legislators.

If you would like a complete explanation of why I say they are anti-second amendment (and completely lacking in common sense) click here to read more.  Also, Cindy Neighbor was added to that group, read it here.

Let's elect as a council person an individual who will truly care about the people, and who, unlike Kenig, will not become a puppet for the city manager (Kenig, seems to have forgotten who works for who).  That person would be Tony Noble