Thursday, July 13, 2017

Belmont Promenade Public Hearing-Another Perspective

Mike Frizzell posted the item below on his Facebook page.  He also linked to a KC Star article about this project which can be found here.  It is ironic that with two public hearings on Monday, the Belmont Project and the budget, that the Shawnee "not fit for bird cage liner" Dispatch did not have a presence.

Interesting on how those young people might have been used. 

Can't say this surprises me.
"About a dozen teenagers stood at the back of the packed chamber for the full two hours, expressing support for closer jobs, restaurant and shopping options.
One of them, Ben Snyder, said later he organized the group to help family friend, Steve Beaumont, who owns the land to be developed. “It will definitely affect us now and 20 years from now,” Snyder said."
The council didn't see the mirage and it didn't sit right with me. Now, thanks to a freelancer for the Kansas City Star, the truth comes out.
You're not getting all of these teenagers to stand around and pretend to want to attend a city council meeting for two hours without some kind of incentive or requirement. One of the teenage speakers gave a KCK address when it was her turn to speak...
I've regularly attended Shawnee City Council meetings for more than two years now. On the rare occasion that there are more than four members of the public in the audience, they're usually there because there is something specific to their neighborhood on the agenda or it's a small group of teenagers who are there because of a school requirement.
I sat through Monday's meeting with four teenagers in the row in front of me. All four ignored at least 80% of the 45 minute presentation put on by a city contractor about the proposed TIF and CID.
As soon as it was time for public comment, their eyeballs left their phones and they were all too eager to comment.
Their concerns were eerily vague. There was mention of not being able to find jobs in Shawnee. Where are you looking for a job that you can't find a better option than driving to downtown KC or the Legends?
Also interesting how the Legends kept getting mentioned, as that's one of the current shopping centers owned by this development group... #JustSaying
To name a few businesses in Shawnee who are currently hiring; Walmart, Target, Hy-Vee, and just about every fast food establishment in town. Not to mention Amazon just a short drive away in Lenexa. Amazon has seasonal work starting at $11.50/hour. Good luck finding that kind of pay at anything retail.