Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vaught's Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Head, Again

Vaught has a history of hypocrisy............and it's all on the record.  How about the times he has tried to eliminate or reduce citizen talking times at council meetings.  Or when he did not want full transcript minutes brought back.

Try this:  Go back to when the council first discussed the remodeling of the city council chambers.  Another member of the council said that the price tag ($263,000) was the equivalent of buying a house.  Vaught said it was, if you wanted to live in a shack.  It is almost impossible to count how many times Vaught has regaled folks with what he paid for his house and why he built it there etc etc etc

Now, here is the kicker.  In July of 2016 he pushed for an increase in property taxes.  But not necessarily for him.  For a person who says folks are willing to pay more in taxes for increased services he apparently did not include himself.  Approximately six months later he appealed his property taxes, and did get a reduction.  The JoCo Appraiser's Office has the records (they are public).

Bounce this guy out of the primary on Tuesday 8/1, just like he got bounced in the mayoral primary two years ago.  Ironically, he couldn't even carry Ward 3 in that primary.  Folks must have realized what kind of a disaster he would be as mayor.  He is now a disaster as a council member.

My pick: Dave Myres