Friday, August 25, 2017

Brandon Kenig and His Sour Grapes

Oh by gosh by golly.  A candidate loses the primary and then goes on a rant in the Shawnee Dispatch
spewing some of the same items he did in his campaign literature. Why?  The voters did not buy it when he campaigned on it.  Why should they buy it now that he is a defeated candidate. 

I am not going to go through his rant item by item but have covered some of them before, right here.
He touts the increase in safety personnel.  How much of that has been covered by federal grants?  A bunch.  He touts other safety items.  Again, federal grants and also an increase in mill levy.

He touts road repairs.  Whoops...........what about the sales tax increase that has been paying for that?

He says there are only two active TIF districts.  How many have been approved and are in the development stage?

Get to know Brandon.  He has an attitude.  Not sure why.  He was never elected to the council.  He was appointed to finish the term of the mayor after her election.  He mentions that he is the current council president.  True.  Ask him how many ballots the council went through to finally settle on him.

His rant is like a 5 year old spoiled brat who didn't get his way.  Maybe we should nickname him Kindergarten Kenig.  Poor baby........grow up.

There was one thing that was missing from his screed.  He didn't congratulate the folks that beat him in the primary and he did not wish them well.  If, and that is a big if, he had any sense of being a mensch (look it up) he would have done that.

I just had an epiphany.  Something hit me.  His name...........Kenig is a derivation of König (also spelled Koenig) which means "King".  Maybe he thinks he has a royal entitlement to the council seat.  LOL

BTW, over the years I have read many documents, papers, etc. coming out of city hall.  His screed, to me at least, has a flavor attached to it.  The flavor of a possible ghost writer.  Did a senior member of  staff assist in the drafting of the letter?  We will never know.