Thursday, August 03, 2017

Vote Totals From Tuesday 8/1/17

tWell, the unofficial final figures are in at  After the canvas required by statute the final figures will be posted.  These figures are interesting.


Dave Myres                          597            45.61%
Justin Adrian                        408            31.17%
Jeff Vaught                           304            23.22%

Wow.............Vaught really lost touch with the voters of Ward 3.  This is the second primary where he got dumped.  The last one was the mayoral primary in 2015.  To have a person that was a Hillary Clinton delegate to the DNC (Justin Adrian) beat you, in this ward, then you really have lost touch with your constituents.  Stick to real estate or used car sales. 

Going forward, Dave Myres will serve the residents of Ward 3 in a manner that they will truly appreciate.  On November 7, 2017 elect Dave Myres as the Ward 3 council member.

Ward 4:

Tony Noble                     695       41.82%
Lindsey Constance         584       35.14%
Brandon Kenig               370       22.26%
Ajay Sood                         13         0.78%     

Maybe Kenig has learned that it's not nice to over embellish your qualifications in an attempt to make it look like you are the most fantastic candidate and council person to ever serve (even after only two years....appointed not elected).

Since the general election is in November, and the winners from that election will take office in January we are still stuck with these two lame duck incumbents for 5 months.  Anything that these two do that IMHO is detrimental for the city will be noted here. 

Going forward Tony Noble is the candidate to vote for on November 7, 2017.  He will represent the folks of Ward 4 in the manner that they want.

There are two more members of the council that need to go bye-bye, but that won't come up until 2019.  Suffice it to say one of them is from Ward 4 who endorsed Brandon Kenig.