Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jeff Vaught Gives Citizens of Shawnee the Middle Finger

Strong words.  True story. 

The National League of Cities has two conferences a year.  One is in November (rotated among various cities) and one is March (in Washington DC).

This year's November conference is in Charlotte, NC, Nov 15-18, 2017.

Based on information received today, from Shawnee, pursuant to an information request, Jeff Vaught is one of the council members signed up to attend this conference.  What kind of nonsense is this?  This from a man who has stated on numerous occasions that he was elected to be a steward of the city's (taxpayer's) money.  These trips usually average $1500 to $2500 per person going. 

Why is Vaught listed?  He got his fanny spanked in the primary (8/1/17) and as such will not even appear on the November ballot.  As a matter of fact he will no longer be on the council as of January 2018.

Regardless of what ward a citizen lives in (he represents Ward 3), this is an affront to ALL citizens of Shawnee.  It is imperative that the community lets the governing body know how insulting this is to the city (taxpayers). 

Maybe he liked the idea of this, found by clicking here.

The City of Charlotte will host what promises to be an epic closing celebration on Saturday night. Join your fellow delegates in the convention center ballroom for a special performance by the legendary Commodores! Dance the night away with this beloved R&B and funk group that helped define the motown era with hit after hit, including the tune we all know and love, “Brick House.”

Anybody wanna bet that the bird cage liner Shawnee Dispatch doesn't cover this?

Info from the city 12:23 PM 8/31/17:

Here is the list so far. It is subject to change.
Mickey Sandifer
Stephanie Meyer
Jeff Vaught
Jim Neighbor
Vicki Charlesworth