Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ward 4 Beware - Lindsey Constance Dem/Liberal Doubletalk

Lindsey Constance, a candidate for Ward 4 city council in Shawnee is typical of the Democrat/Liberal mindset when it comes to doublespeak.

First, let's certify her democratic/liberal credentials:  Public records available at the JoCo Election Office indicate that she is a registered democrat.  Her 7/24/17nancial filing form clearly indicates a donation from the Johnson County Democrats.

So, why beware of this type of candidate.  History, and recent events show that when that say they "want to talk, to have dialogue etc" on a subject it is only good if you agree with them.  If you disagree, well, just look at what can happen.  Traditionally, they are not willing to accept ideas other than their own.  Just look at how the democratic/liberals, for all that they profess, are trying to curtail free speech around the country.

I'm a Ward 4 resident, and I don't want a candidate like this to represent me on the city council.