Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Excessive Salaries for Proposed Community Center

Here is some interesting info regarding the proposed salaries at the proposed community center. 

Ballard & King is the company that the city contracted with to do the financial projections. Click on the image to see a larger view. 

Note the number of positions of $53K/year or more.  Not bad for working in leisure clothes in a temperature controlled facility. Then remember that PD & FD folks start out at around $42K-$43K/year and are expected to place themselves in danger. Something is wrong here.

Ballard & King has already shown that the facility will run in the hole every year, part of which has to be attributed to these excessive salaries.  Wow, so the council will have to dig into the general fund to take away from other areas (yes, possibly PD & FD) to cover the deficits caused by this facility.

Please click on the image below to view a larger rendition.