Friday, March 22, 2019

Proposed Community Center To Operate At A Loss

On March3, 2019 I published the below chart which was part of the city's presentation of the proposed community center. 

Click on the image to see an enlarged copy.

Another citizen posted the above to a FB page and justifiably questioned the center running in the red.

These are the comments I posted to that FB page:

Interesting item to note. The negative numbers in the above chart are in black ink instead of red. They show as negative by using parenthesis, but anybody giving them a cursory glance might not realize that they are negative. 

 At the 2/11/19 city council meeting, Mr. Darin Barr of Ballard*King (the company working up all the different numbers) had this to say: "We made sure that the negatives weren't in red, so it's not as jarring" And that is a direct quote from the published minutes of that council meeting. And, to top it off, that chart is not shown on the quick reference guide on the city's web site or in the recent City Line newsletter, nor will it appear in the new "educational mailer". You have to go to the city's web site and dig down to the full presentation to find it.

Deception?  Deceit?  You decide.