Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The ATM Surprise! Or Is It?

A recent article in the Shawnee Mission Post told about Academy Bank putting in two new express banking units (ATMs).  The address of one of them was given as 10820 Shawnee Mission Parkway, in Shawnee.  Knowing the numbering system of the streets in Shawnee, that struck a note.  Hmmm, three blocks east of Nieman.

Guess what that location is?  That is the new office building that developer Kevin Tubbesing put in.  And guess what, his wife Dawn Tubbesing (former Councilmember Dawn Kuhn) is a VP of Academy Bank.  Neat coincidence.

Now Dawn (formerly Kuhn) Tubbesing is running for mayor.  Hmmmm, also interesting.  Why?  Well, Mr. Tubbesing has received various financial incentives over the years for his projects.  Now, if his wife becomes mayor, and if he submits more projects with incentives would she be able to recuse herself from any and all deliberations?  And even if she did, would she stay out of any backroom discussions concerning those projects?  We remember her.  The one who would talk on, and on, and on, and on and on (old motormouth).

So now I ask, is Dawn (formerly Kuhn) Tubbesing really interested in what happens in Shawnee or does she want to work in tandem with her husband to become Shawnee's numero uno power couple?  Personally I hope we never find out because it is my opinion that Dawn (formerly Kuhn) Tubbesing would be a disaster for the city.  A big time disaster.

Sidebar:  What were and who benefited the most from all the work done on the creek to the north of that new building?  Anybody who can supply me with the info, it would be appreciated.