Wednesday, March 27, 2019

"This I s Not A Town Hall. This Is Our Show" ....Mickey Sandifer 3/26/19

Let's keep this short and sweet.  Last night councilmembers Mickey Sandifer and Lindsey Constance had a "cookies and conversation" at the Monticello Library.

Naturally, the conversation got around to the proposed new community center.  After various individuals provided some pushback about the project a visibly upset Mickey Sandifer shouted out the quote you see in the title of this blog post.

One of the attendees shouted back that it was not their (Sandifer and Constance's) show but that they worked for us.  I believe Mickey was unnerved by the reaction. 

Methinks that maybe he has been on the council too long and possibly has forgotten who his employers are.  Maybe it's time for a change in Ward IV if he is going to have that attitude.

When one of the attendees pointed out that the cost of the project was actually $54 million (20 years x $2.7million) Lindsey Constance came out with a comment that I found laughable.  She indicated that when she bought her new house she looked at the selling price and not the total cost over the term of the mortgage.  She apparently needed to be reminded that when someone buys something over an extended period of time (be it a house or a car) they are required to be given documentation as to what the total cost is.  But apparently that does not apply to the city when financing projects like this.  Bury that info or make folks figure it out for themselves.  And this is the attitude of someone entrusted with teaching our youth at a very malleable stage of their lives?  Ouch!!!!