Sunday, April 07, 2019

Is The City of Shawnee Playing Games to Confuse?

If one goes to the Vote Yes FB page you will see that they are now pushing for a "Shawnee 101" event at the civic centre, the same day and time as what the proposed community center info meeting is scheduled for.  The Shawnee 101 is a program that explains to folks how the city works.  Are there going to be two meetings that night?  Ironically the "Shawnee 101" meeting does not and has not appeared on the city's calendar as recently as about 30 minutes ago.  Is the city getting scared about folks speaking out about the proposed community center?  Are they deliberately trying to confuse folks, or even change the reason for the meeting at the last minute?

First two pix below are screen shots of the Yes FB page.  Third pic is the city's calendar.
Click on the images to see larger views.