Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Jeff Vaught - "The Arrogant One" Makes an Appearance

Last night there was a Conversation with Councilmembers hosted by Stephanie Meyer and Lisa Larson-Bunnell at the Monticello Library.  Naturally most of the conversation centered around the proposed community center. 

First, a few interesting things.  The city manager, Nolan Sunderman who was noticeably MIA from last week's large turn out at the civic centre was there.  Next, Parks Director Neil Holman who sat like a bump on a log at the same event last week (relying on his very capable deputy to give the presentation, and take the heat) actually gave part of last night's presentation.  And last but not least, an announcement was made that next week's informational meeting would have a 30 minute Q&A session instead of only 15 like last week's.  Hmmmm, maybe they do read this blog at city hall.

Now let's talk about former councilmember Jeff Vaught and last night.  First, he had some postings on Facebook (click on them to see a larger version):

Apparently, he is not as influential as he'd like to think he is.  About half of the folks in attendance were obviously not in favor of this project. After not clearing the mayoral primary in 2015 and the Ward 3 council primary in 2017 one would think that maybe he'd get the message:  Folks don't really care what he says.

One citizen in attendance brought up the fact that based on a presentation at city hall at a council committee meeting by our PW Director the city could be looking at $140 million in storm water repairs over the next ten years.  Vaught disputed that info and said even if true, the recent increase in storm water fees would cover it.  Well, now he knows better than the PW Director......yeah.....he thinks he does.  If he could perform certain basic mathematical calculations he'd realize that the increased fees will not even come close.  Oh well, we thought that the "Arrogant One" had learned his lesson to keep his mouth shut.