Sunday, April 14, 2019

Vote YES FB Page - Liars of the Highest Level

If one goes thru the Vote YES FB page there are comments that some posts seem to have disappeared.

Naturally the admins of that page have repeatedly said that no posts have  been deleted.  They are liars.  I can prove it.  After they announced that former mayor Jeff Meyers had endorsed the new community center I decided to remind the public of some of the shenanigans that Mr. Meyers had been involved in.  Shenanigans that the JoCo DA wrote a scathing letter of rebuke.  This was a post hat has verifiable historical documentation available.

Unfortunately, the arrogant jerks who are running that FB page saw fit to delete my post.  And, I am now no longer able to post there.  Guess they can't handle the truth.

What did I post?  Didn't take a screen shot, but did do a copy paste.  Here it is below.  There is a name (actual a couple of them) for people who try to stifle opposite opinions.


Ray Erlichman History lesson time. Facts, not opinions. When David Morris resigned from the city council a vacancy was created. Alan (Mayor Meyers' uncle by marriage) Willoughby was one of those who applied. He was appointed to fill the position. The JoCo DA was highly critical,, after an investigation by his office,of Mayor Meyers and certain council members for the manner in which the appointment was made..An obvious violation of the spirit of the Kansas Open Meeting Act (KOMA). Copies of the DA's letter and findings are available. Then when Uncle Alan ran for the office he was defeated. At the same time a vacnacy came up on the city planning commission. Mayor Meyers nominated Uncle Alan for the position. The council voted. It was a 4-4 tie. Mayor Meyers voted to break the tie and put Uncle Alan on the planning commission. Personally, I wouldn't publicize Meyers endorsement of anything..