Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Updates: Community Center & Council Members Sandifer and Constance

Here are some updates.

Update #1:  The city has updated its web site to show that the actual cost of the Community Center is $54 million (20 years x $2.7 million to pay back the bonds) and they are also showing the info about the first five years of shortfalls (totaling approximately $1.5 million).  The first item was actually never spelled out and the second item was buried.  They are still buried, but not as bad.  Do you think that maybe the fact that yours truly wrote the city manager and advised that IMHO the city was advocating and not educating and threatening to file a complaint with the DA  had anything to do with the info being posted as it is now?  He answered one email but not the second.  Unfortunately the Quick Reference Guide and the mailer the city is planning on sending have not been changed.  Looks like we might still have to file that complaint with the DA.

Update #2:  Please see the two previous posts about how the councilmembers mentioned above tried to shut down citizen comments.  Constance kept trying to put it off until "the end".  Sure, she wanted to limit the time of input.  Didn't work.  Did either of these two stalwarts of the community read the info that was posted on the city's web site (calendar)?  The notice of their "cookies and conversation" reads as follows (highlights mine, maybe they both need remedial classes in reading for comprehension):