Friday, September 28, 2007

Size Does Matter ------- Sometimes

It sure does.

Especially when one discusses fish and the ponds that they swim in.

Take me for an example. Here in Shawnee I'm a little fish in a little pond. If I was back in my hometown (NYC) I'd be an even smaller fish in a real big pond.

Then you get folks who are big fish in big ponds. As a matter of fact, some of those folks would be big fish in oceans.

Now along come the big fish in the small ponds. These are the fish that would be little fish in big ponds. But most of them don't realize that. Now, how do these fish become big fish in little ponds. Usually, by one of three ways:

1. They bust their fins and gills to become big fish.
2. They are the fingerlings of 1 above
3. A combination of 1 & 2

Now, usually those in group 1 above are pretty decent. The same usually goes for those in category 3.

It's the fish in category 2 that are the most problematic. They are the ones that swim around with humongous chips on their fins, thinking that everyone needs to bow down and kiss the water that they swim in. Some of them eventually realize that they need attitude adjustments. The ones that don't realize that just bring ridicule (justified) upon themselves. Eventually they prove to everyone that they are not nice fish, and even their fellow big fish don't want anything to do with them.