Monday, September 24, 2007

Vigilantes.....Good or Bad?

Good question. Guess it depends on which vigilante group is being looked at.

KCMO Mayor, Mark Funkhouser has been taking a beating for appointing Frances Semler to the KC Parks Board. Seems that some folks don't like the fact that she belongs to the Minute Men. this group is patrolling the US/Mexico border. If they spot an illegal crossing over they radio the info to the Border Patrol.

Apparently though, La Raza and the NAACP don't like that. They are so upset with Ms Semler's appointment that they are threatening to pull their conventions from KCMO. The potential loss to KCMO would be about $15 million. That's alot of money.

My problem is I haven't heard either of these two groups voice any criticism about the Guardian Angels opening two new chapters in the area. One in KCMO and one in KCK. Aren't they a vigilante group too?

Strange, isn't it?