Wednesday, September 26, 2007

USD 232 Rumors - Not Nice

This is wild. A Shawnee resident who happens to be in the DeSoto School District sent me a copy of an email that she received from the Director of Community Relations for USD232.

It seems that someone is starting or has started a rumor that the USD 232 Superintendent has a $30,000/year dry cleaning allowance.

Come on folks, if that was true, the superintendent wouldn't have to have her clothes cleaned. At $2,500/month she could refresh her wardrobe every month, and donate the older clothes to charity for the tax break.

Why do folks do these things? Anyway the letter from the District is quoted below.

Hello, parents and patrons.
I cannot believe I have to send this e-mail out today.
However, I have received information from a number of patrons regarding an outrageous lie being spread about the school district and the superintendent. Specifically, the lie states that the district is paying the superintendent $30,000 for dry cleaning… or that the superintendent has a personal district budget of $30,000 for dry cleaning. This is false.
I am embarrassed to address this rumor, but this is what some individuals have decided to do with their time.
Alvie L. Cater, II

director community relations