Saturday, September 08, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call? Not the DA.....

Had an interesting experience on Friday. Was looking for some general information regarding an aspect of KORA (Kansas Open Records Act)

Called the Johnson County DA's office. See below (from my cell phone info):

09/07 02:00 PM OLATHE 913-715-3000 DT 10

Basically, I spent almost 10 minutes on hold until the party that originally answered the phone came back to tell me that there were no ADAs around who I could talk with. BTW, her attitude was not what I would term "customer friendly". Seems like the office has adopted the DA's arrogant attitude.

So, I call the State Attorney General's office:

09/07 02:11 PM TOPEKA 785-296-2215 DT 15

I spent most of the 15 minutes speaking with an Asst AG who was very helpful in answering my questions. Additionally, she not only gave me info on a web page that had a copy of an AG written opinion on the subject, she actually offered to walk me through the links. And then gave me info on the state statute.

Three cheers for the AG's office...............three boos for the DA's office