Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mayor Responds As To Why He Did Not Allow Public Comment

Mayor Jeff Meyers has responded as to why he did not allow public comment at the special council meeting which selected the replacement for the open seat in Ward II.  The individual finally chose was Alan Willoughby, the mayor's uncle (by marriage).

Here is the response:


My basis for the decision not to ask for public comment is that after allowing public comment last time I did not feel it was helpful to the process.The public had the ability to contact council members prior to the vote of the Council and did so. I did not feel comments in that form was necessary for the Council to make their decision.


The mayor and the council all took oaths to support the constitutions of the State of  Kansas and the United States.  Methinks maybe they need to reread the entire first amendment to the US Constitution.

Welcome to Shawnee, USSR