Friday, July 13, 2012

Shawnee Shenanigans Part 4

Continuing the saga from Monday's special council meeting that appointed the mayor's uncle (by marriage), Alan Willoughby, to the open position in Ward II with NO public input allowed. If you have not read parts 1, 2 and 3, please scroll down and read them first.

Let's move along on Monday night with councilmember Jim Neighbor.  He is probably the easiest to comment on, since he very seldom comments on anything.  One never knows where he stands on most issues until he votes.  Don't believe me?  Check the written minutes for the meetings that have them and the audio for those that don't.

That brings up Neal Sawyer, the other council member from Ward II.  Keep in mind that Mike Kemmling, one of the applicants on Monday night lost to Sawyer in the recent election by only 11 votes.  Probably the closest margin of any recent modern election in Shawnee.

What did Sawyer do?  Nothing.  He abstained on the vote for Kemmling and he abstained on the vote for the mayor's Uncle (by marriage) Alan Willoughby.

Considering the election results were 661 to 650 maybe, to show unity, and to be considerate of the people in his ward, maybe Sawyer could have supported Kemmling?  Or was his silence a form of acquiescence to the charade that was taking place?

Now here's a kicker.  Sawyer is now running in the primary for a state rep seat.  What?  He just got reelected to the council in April of this year (3 months ago).  What does that tell the folks in Ward II?  Could it be that he is telling them that he doesn't care about the unspoken commitment he made to serve them for three years?  I surely hope they don't reward his attempt to leave them by voting for him for state rep.