Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shawnee Shenanigans Part 3

Continuing the saga from Monday's special council meeting that appointed the mayor's uncle (by marriage), Alan Willoughby, to the open position in Ward II with NO public input allowed. If you have not read parts 1 and 2, please scroll down and read them first.

Moving along, it came to Dawn Kuhn to ask questions of the applicants.  Where other council members asked short questions Ms. Kuhn went on an inquisition for about 10-15 minutes.  Her demeanor was not that of a council member seeking info, but rather that of Tomas de Torquemada.  Very inappropriate, especially for one who has preached civility.  We'll make the video available and one can see for themselves.

It will also be obvious that she kept looking at her iPad.  Was someone in the audience sending her info?  Were they sending her questions to ask?  There was a problem with that, I believe, in Wichita recently.  Or maybe she was just getting love letters.

Also, how many times did she interrupt Mike Kemmling? 

She and others keep talking about how they respect disagreement but want civility on the council.  How they want people who can work together.  Horse nonsense.  Her actions Monday night were anything but civil.  Working together is a euphemism for wanting folks who march in lock step.   That really is not good for Shawnee.  Differing opinions bring out discussions which can lead to new and different ideas.

OK,  now it is Dawn Kuhn's turn to answer questions.  Questions that she has arrogantly refused to answer directly and has only attempted to answer with Tijuana Two Step type of answers.  Apparently she feels that she is above answering questions from the citizenry.  Well, she needs to learn that as an elected official she works for us, we don't work for her, and any member of the community can hold her accountable.

Here are the two questions:

1.  Why are you getting your city payroll checks as "White" and your city expense reimbursement checks as "Kuhn" (why use two last names instead of one from the same source)?

2.  Which last name are you using for payroll at your non-governmental employer, Bank Midwest?

No Tijuana Two Steps, specific answers please.