Sunday, July 15, 2012

Will City Manager Clarify Kuhn/White?

Below is an email I just sent to the city manager.  If Kuhn won't answer why she is receiving compensation under two different names, maybe the city manager will explain why the city is paying them that way.


I know that you are aware of my questions to Dawn Kuhn as she cc’d you on her reply to me which did not really answer either of the questions I asked of her.

Of the two questions one cannot be answered by your office. The other question can, since as City Manager the finance department reports to you. It really is a simple question, for which a specific answer should be forthcoming.

Why does she receive her payroll checks as “White” but her expense checks as “Kuhn”? I realize that “White” is her maiden name, but that response of hers did not clarify why two names are being used for one person for two different forms of compensation.

I will add a second question to you: What standard acceptable method of accounting allows for this type of name splitting for the two forms of compensation?

Thank you