Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dan Pflumm for Ward I

On election day, April 2, 2013 methinks the residents of Ward I need to return Dan Pflumm as their councilmember over John Segale.

Recently it needs to be noted, Dan Pflumm was one of two councilmembers who did not go on a junket to Boston for an NLC conference.  Six councilmembers (Neighbor, Sawyer,Willoughby, Kuhn, Vaught, and Sandifer), the mayor and city manager did go, and 4 of them took guests.

Even more importantly, Dan Pflumm (along with Michelle Distler) did not participate in the shenanigans at city hall that resulted in the appoinment of Alan Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage) to the city council.  The JoCo DA referred to those shenanigans as "backroom deals" with the mayor as the "ringleader".  Dan Pflumm stood up to the shenanigans in an attmept to maintain dignity at city hall.

Dan has also been battling to change the way the the landfill impact money the city receives from Deffenbaugh is allocated.  Current policy is for the dollars to be split equally between street maintenance and economic development.  He wants a larger percentage to go for street maintenance, since that is one item that Shawnee has taken a hit on in the recent past.  Dan has also fought for fine tuning the budget as opposed to increasing taxes.

Dan's concern about keeping Shawnee viable as a place to do business is shown by his decision to move his company from a rental office into the former Commerce Bank Building which he bought, right in the middle of downtown Shawnee.