Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is It A "Goode" Letter?

Recently, the Shawnee Dispatch ran an article about a letter signed by Frank Goode. 

The letter purportedly has Frank withdrawing support for Mike Kemmling and endorsing Alan Willoughby.

The Dispatch goes into quite a bit of detail on how this letter turns up the Friday before the last published edition of the paper.  The reporter did some additional research and it appears that Willoughby walked into the nursing facility where Frank was, and, as Frank says he (Frank) was a little "dopey".  Frank has had some major medical problems and apparently has gone through various procedures and apparently different meds.

Read the article and see for yourself.  It looks to me like a candidate (Willoughby) was trying to take advantage of a sick old man who was medicated for his health problems, and attempting to blame his opponent (Kemmling) for dirty tricks.  Uncle Alan, you should be ashamed of yourself.

As I posted on the Dispatch:  Willoughby is claiming the other side is up to dirty tricks. Hey, Uncle Alan, did you read the DA's letter? Your appointment to the council was a dirty trick, a backroom deal, with your nephew as the ringleader

The article is here: