Friday, March 29, 2013

Which Face is Jeff Vaught Showing Today?

Jeff Vaught appears to be very proud of the fact that at one time he was the president of his Homeowner's Association (Crimson Ridge).  It's in his literature, his web site etc.  My question is, are his neighbors proud of him now?

There has been much written in the Kansas City Star and The Shawnee Dispatch about the proposed Crimson Ridge Stream Mitigation Bank locally referred to as the "snake habitat".  An on line search will come up with a plethora of articles.

Basically, this is something that the residents of his sub-division are not happy about.  Ironically, neither is the US Department of the Interior or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Has Mr. Vaught done anything to encourage the city to also object to this project?  He is the council member for Ward III.  Or, has he abandoned his neighbors in their fight?

Some additional info on this can be found at:

And as mentioned previously, a web search will come up with even more (and links from the two items above). 

The gentleman challenging Vaught for the council seat, Gordon Herron, is also a resident in the Crimson Ridge sub-division.  Vaught needs to be replaced with Gordon Herron.