Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Vaught Arrogance & Hypocrisy

Jeff Vaught, the classic arrogant example of someone who says "do as I say, not as I do"

In the April 2012 election he was highly critical of  the idea of folks from outside of Shawnee getting involved in Shawnee elections.

So, go to his web site and as of this morning you will see five endorsements:

Tom Zarda
Matt Hughes
Don Julian
Ed Alexander
Jerry Moran

From what I can tell, only Mr. Zarda is a Shawnee resident, and I believe one of the other gentlemen may live out of state.  Now it's also ironic that last year he was critical of state reps (who are Shawnee residents) from getting involved in city elections......yet he has no problems with Mr Moran who eventhough he is a US Senator, he is definitely not a Shawnee resident.  Get all the endorsements you want, just don't be hypocritical and set different "ground rules" for yourself than you try and set for others.

Also on his site he says that he:
"Led the move to eliminate the city's long term retirement liabilities by moving away from a defined benefit plan and migrating to a defined contribution plan."
Did he?  Or was that being worked on way before he was even on the council?  There are other items he seems to be taking credit for that I would question. 
Humorous side bar:  When referring to people who serve in the legislature, they are "legislators", not "legislatures".   As in:     "........attends the Legislative Breakfast Series where state legislatures discuss bills and actions currently moving through Topeka."

This man does not deserve to be returned to the city council...........ya gotta vote for Gordon Herron on April 2, 2013.