Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Willoughby Avoids Backing Up Statement

Ah yes, it seems like Alan Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage) is joining that group of individuals who, when asked a direct question avoid a direct answer.

Background:  At last week's forum between him and Dr. Mike Kemmling, Willoughby was asked if he thought it was ok for the city to send 8 people to Boston for a convention (6 council members, the mayor and the city manager).  He thought that was fine.  He then proceeded to offer the info that 4 of the folks (he being one) had brought guests (at no cost to the city).  He then proceeded to volunteer that the city had been asked about doubling up attendees in hotel rooms and that couldn't be done, because when they got backed they looked it up and it was "illegal".

Illegal?  It's illegal to double up in hotel rooms to save money.  Well, illegal means a violation of law.  So, I did some more research, and couldn't find anything that said it was illegal to double up meeting attendees.  I did find some references that some companies, and government agencies have personnel policies against it, but I did not find anything that said it was illegal.

So, I did what any ordinary citizen would do.  I sent Willoughby an email asking him to provide the information as to where this practice was illegal.  Now that should have been easy for him to do, since, according to him "they" looked it up upon returning from Boston.  So, it should have been readily accessible.

Well, Willoughby hasn't responded.  It's not nice to ignore questions..............it's not nice to make a statement and then not being able to back it up.

Willoughby's appointment to the council was a farce.  He does not deserve to be elected to a full term.