Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Race Weekend, Another Lost Opportunity

Ahh yes.  This weekend there will be another race at the Kansas Speedway, and, as in the past, Shawnee will miss out on some tangential income.

Granted, our two hotels at Midland & I-435 will see an increase as well as the eateries in that area.  But what are we really missing?  Where is that third one?

There are a variety of events held at the Village West complex.  Various races at the Kansas Speedway, Concerts, Minor League Baseball etc. Add to that the various athletic tournaments that come into the area. We get very little bleed off from these.  Why?  Because we do not have a substantial amount of destination venues in Shawnee.  In reality, we don't have any destination venues.

There are some members of the council who keep saying they are in favor of economic development.  Well, where is it?  Yes, I know, there are plans to develop an area by K7 and the river into an industrial park (warehouses and manufacturing spaces).  Someday, down the road. But where are the plans for revenue generators?  Hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities.  True destination venues.  Warehouses and manufacturing facilities do not get us bleed off from the events at Village West.

Another weekend, and more lost opportunities to bring income into Shawnee.