Sunday, April 14, 2013

Local Entertainment - Shawnee City Council

The Shawnee Dispatch has a neat article about last Tuesday's city council meeting.

Going to a council meeting can be a great form of entertainment.

When the vote was taken for Pflumm for Vice-Chair I could have sworn that it sounded like 5-3 in favor, but apparently the mayor could not determine that, so he went for a roll call.  True, Jim Neighbor was the first to vote, and after a long pause, and a stare down from the mayor, he voted no.  That then brought up the 4-4 vote,

Kuhn's comment to the mayor that she would like to be considered for the Vice-Chair position was actually an "off mike" comment, as she leaned across and addressed the mayor directly.  It took an obnoxious out of order citizen to yell out from the floor "What did she say?" to get the mayor to say what it was.  Kuhn does that a lot, talks sideways to the mayor, when she needs to be speaking directly into the microphone.  Anyway, it was kind of funny that nobody seconded the nomination for her to be Vice-Chair.  Bet her ego took a wrap on that one.

I found that very entertaining in view of her comments that the council president was elected not as a popularity contest or longevity, but for someone who could fill in for the mayor.  So, Jim Neighbor can fill in for the mayor?  Couldn't prove it to me.  He is probably one of the least active members of the council at the meetings.  He says very little so it is hard to tell what his position is until a vote comes along.  But, one does not know why he votes that way either.  But I guess Kuhn must know what talents he possesses to fill in for the mayor.