Wednesday, April 17, 2013

City Budget Process

Over the years I have heard many folks wonder why certain things were or were not done in the city.

Things ranging from street maintenance to public safety staffing.  From parks maintenance to sewer maintenance.  What I usually hear is why was this done?  Or, why didn't we do that?

Most of the answers are based on financial considerations.  Just like folks sit down and review their family's finances, the city does the same.  When people ask most of their questions is after the fact.
Whooops, wrong time for the public to get involved.

The time to get involved is up front, yet the citizen participation at council meetings is severely lacking in Shawnee.

The city has published its schedule of meetings that will involve the budget process.  That can be viewed at

Get up at these meetings...............inquire of your council members ahead of time about budget items that concern you (as opposed to after the fact).  Let them know what you agree with..............and what you may disagree with.  Find out why things are or are not done.  Be informed.