Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ward II Residents Are The Winners

In yesterday's council election the residents of Ward II made themselves the winners.  They chose Mike Kemmling as their new council member over Alan Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage).

Willoughby's appointment last summer to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of David Morris caused a major uproar.  The uproar culminated in the JoCo DA issuing a statement that the appointment was the result of a backroom deal with the mayor as the ringleader.

Kemmling who also applied for the open position at that time had previously run against Neal Sawyer and lost by only 11 votes (661 to 650).  Disregarding the strong showing Kemmling had displayed the position went to Willoughby.

So, yesterday, the residents of Ward II showed that they were fed up with cronyism and nepotism.  They, the residents of Ward II, became the real winners.

Congratulations to the residents of Ward II and to Mike Kemmling.