Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dawn Kuhn/Cheryl Scott.........Another Debacle???

Is the City of Shawnee looking at another Cheryl Scott debacle?

According to the City of Shawnee web site Ward III Councilmember Dawn Kuhn has listed an address as 5304 Millbrook St as her residence.  Before anyone complains about privacy violations, the residence address of ALL elected officials has to be public information to verify their eligibility for their office.

That address appeared as a change from 5329 Gleason after her divorce.  That makes sense.  But, does she really live there, or is that simply a "mail drop" or "convenience" address?  (Remember when Phill Kline was appointed JoCo DA?  He was living in Topeka as Attorney General, and then when he became JoCo DA he wound up with an apartment in JoCo.  Except his wife/kids still lived in Topeka and he was constantly driving back and forth).

Anyway, back to Kuhn.  Unfortunately, Kansas law, as written, does make it easy for someone to establish residency at one address, even though they actually reside elsewhere.  When someone does that though, are they being fair to their constituents?  Anyway, does Kuhn actually live on Millbrook?

Now, let's move forward a couple of months.  It is my understanding that she has announced her engagement and is getting remarried in January.  Her fiancĂ© owns a home in Ward IV.  Once the nuptials are over is she going to resign her Ward III seat, or, is she going to claim that she still "lives" on Millbrook?

Time will tell.  I might have to consult with the Oracle at Shawnee at Gum Springs Park for a more definitive answer.

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