Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Jeff Vaught is Against Open Government

At the 6/18/13 council committee the item came up regarding the possibility of council members getting tablets and whether or not they should be city owned or should the council members get an allowance to provide their own.

Jeff Vaught apparently would rather have an allowance. Listen to him as he explains why he would rather have an allowance. And this coming from a man who in his campaign literature said he was a "patriot". Vaught's statement clearly indicates he is against open government. See and hear it for yourself.

If you are going to conduct city business on a tablet/iPad be prepared for the info being made available to the public.  Or, what does Jeff Vaught want to hide? 
"I would just say, I would like to, um, and if we do something I would rather have an allowance than the city would provide us and that’s because you know when we say ipad I’d rather say tablet because I would rather have an android device than an ipad but, and then also because it’s something that I would rather own myself and not be subject to the requests that, you know, give it up because someone else wants to see what’s on it because it’s a city owned device. Unfortunate(ly) I think there’s certain people that would make it their hobby to request that letter every two months to see what’s on their devices so, I think I would rather have an allowance."

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