Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ghost Writers in Shawnee KS

One of the city manager's arguments to create a public information officer position in the city was to have one person write letters and speeches for the mayor.  Right now she and other members of her office do that.  Gee, the mayor is an educator, coach and mayor.  He can't handle his own?

       Speeches/Letters – every day the mayor gets a letter from some person, sometimes a very interesting letter. We want to respond back. Right now we divvy those out – Avy? does some, I do some, Vickie does some, Candy does some, and it would really be nice to have someone who could manage all those and make sure people get responded-to/communicated-with.

o   Yesterday, the Bayer event, I spent 2 hours of my day drafting the Mayor’s comments for that. He was in a meeting on the Nieman rood corridor, Vickie’s in a human resources meeting. It was fine. It’s what I did. It takes my time to do that too.

o   So, again, it would be really nice to have someone who had the skill set, who had great writing skills, who had the message and story of Shawnee to take on those responsibilities.

Stay tuned for "Shawnee Ray's Crystal Ball"  Going on the premise that the city manager will get the PIO position approved, I'm gonna take a shot at guessing who will get the job.

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