Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awards, A New Hotel (finally) and Kuhn Resigns

Well, let's see what happened last night.  There were many things that came up, but let's hit some of the highlights.

First, congrats to Battalion Chief Ryan Pyle who received recognition for successfully completing FEMA's US Fire Administration's National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer program (EFO) and has also been designated as a Chief Fire Officer (CFO through the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Some of you might remember from a previous posting here that while I was on vacation a tossed cigarette started a fire on my balcony.  The crew that responded,was under Chief Pyle's supervision and they were able to contain the fire to the balcony with no structural or interior damage. 

Another item that came up last night was the issuance of industrial revenue bonds for the proposed Holiday Inn Express at Midland Drive and I-435.  This project has been in limbo for about 6 years and it's nice to know that it is finally getting closer to happening.

Then, Councilmember Dan Pflumm did a shout out for my 66th birthday, which was yesterday.  Thanks Dan.

To top it off, I got one of the best birthday presents ever.  Councilmember Dawn "Motormouth" Kuhn announced her resignation last night, effective at the end of the October 14th council meeting.  That should reduce substantially the length of many council and council committee meetings.  She claims that it is because she is passionate about things.  I say it is because she is self absorbed and likes to hear herself talk.  Even though the process for submitting applications hasn't been posted yet, I might just have to go to the Oracle of Shawnee at Gum Springs Park to see if the oracle has any thoughts about who might wind up getting appointed to replace Kuhn.

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