Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jim Neigbor Incapable of a Direct Reply

Please see and read my blog post of 8/12/13 (almost two weeks) at which is titled Public Meeting Policy Review-City Stonewalls Reply.

This is NOT the first time that Councilmember Neighbor has refused a direct response to a direct question.  And, it probably will not be his last.  It seems that if certain members of the governing body do not want to answer a question they just ignore it. 

They don't like being questioned at council meetings, and then they either dance around or ignore answering questions directly.  In this case, who is pulling Neighbor's strings?

Come next year this might get real interesting.  City Manager Gonzales has gotten approval to spend $70K for a public information officer.  Now will we be paying $70K of taxpayer money to get the run around from that individual?

Neighbor is not the only one who has refused direct answers to direct questions..............the list grows.

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