Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Scripted Council Appointment?

First, before I comment on last night's council appointment of Stephanie Meyer to fill the vacancy in Ward III, I would like to wish Owen Donohoe a speedy full recovery.

Mr. Donohoe, one of the applicants for the position was taken yesterday afternoon to an ER for a pulmonary embolism and then transferred by ambulance to another facility.

OK, let's talk about Stephanie Meyer's appointment to the council.  What a farce.  A better script could not have been written by a Tony award winning Broadway playwright.

Councilmember Michelle Distler showed an email...............from early August, prior to Dawn Kuhn's resignation.  In that email it was mentioned that Kuhn was going to resign and that Stephanie Meyer was going to get the position.  The email even stated which four council members would vote for her.

Now, Jeff Vaught tried to discredit that email.. He even invoked the name of a former Shawnee resident as a possible generator of it.  Kind of like Obama blaming Bush for everything.  Anyway, the email was very accurate in describing what the outcome would be.  Coincidental?  Prophetic?

Keeping the above in mind makes me wonder about the question that Councilmember Dan Pflumm asked of each of the applicants.  He asked if they thought that the council should choose or if it should go to a special election.  Of the four applicants, three said the people should choose.  Mrs. Meyer was the only one who said that the current process was fine.  Contrary to what some have said, it could have gone to a special election.  The council would just have to fail to make an appointment for 60 days.  This would not require a change in the charter ordinance.  Just no action to appoint on the council's part.

So was Stephanie Meyer's appointment predetermined?  Do we even have to say, again, that the Oracle of Shawnee said the same thing, 16 days before she even applied for the position.

Councilmember Mike Kemmling expressed concern, and even brought up the JoCo DA's reprimand to the city concerning the previous appointment of Alan Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage).  At that point Councilmember Vaught had to again show that his knowledge of the definition of basic words is very limited.  Vaught said the DA's letter was not a reprimand.  Huh?
OK......here is the link to the letter......

Based on the definition, you decide for yourself if the letter was a reprimand or not:

1. a severe rebuke, esp. a formal or official one.
2. to reprove or rebuke severely.
[1630–40; < French rĂ©primande, Middle French reprimend < Latin reprimenda that is to be repressed, neuter pl. ger. of reprimere to repress]
syn: reprimand, upbraid, admonish, censure mean to criticize or find fault with someone for behavior deemed reprehensible. reprimand implies a formal criticism, as by an official or person in authority: The lawyer was reprimanded by the judge. upbraid suggests relatively severe criticism, but of a less formal kind: The minister upbraided the parishioners for their poor church attendance. admonish refers to a more gentle warning or expression of disapproval, often including suggestions for improvement: I admonished the children to make less noise. censure suggests harsh, vehement criticism, often from an authoritative source: The legislators voted to censure their fellow senator
Vaught relies on his bombastic arrogance to make it seem like he knows what he is talking about.
And, the mayor had already announced that public input at this meeting would not be permitted.  Either there are some very accurate crystal balls out there or the outcome was preordained.  I have my opinion.  Do you have yours?
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