Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stopping a Cat Fight???

At the 10/8/13 council committee meetingDr. Kemmling asks for clarification (calmly) on an item. 

The chair (Jim Neighbor) recognizes Dawn Kuhn who belittles Dr Kemmling.  Before recognizing Dr Kemmling again, Neighbor says that we are not going to have a cat fight.  Typical.......Kuhn is allowed to belittle folks and then the concerns start that someone might just come back on her.  BTW, Dr. Kemmling's response was very calm.  If you don't want a cat fight, shut the cat up.  But that has been par for the course.  She has been allowed to say whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

Thank heaven her resignation is effective with the end of the council meeting on 10/14/13.  We won't have to put up with her cattiness, her attempts at belittling people, and most importantly, her long winded diatribes.  If a harridan ever sat on the Shawnee City Council, it has been Dawn Kuhn.

Oh, the city has announced that her going away party is open to the public.  Methinks some folks might want to show up just to wish her good riddance.  Info at