Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who Will Be the New Ward III Councilperson?

It's coming down to the wire.  Monday night 10/28/13, at 6:30PM the Shawnee City Council will meet in special session to review the five applicants for the open position.

Here are the five applicants (listed alphabetically):

Owen Donohoe
Jeff King
Tony Lauer
Stephanie Meyer
Jason Sheahan

Based on qualifications, these are the two individuals that I feel are the most qualified:

1.  Owen Donohoe, who has served three terms as a state representative.  Mr. Donohoe's district included Ward III and he received thousands of votes from those folks. He has had an opportunity to work on legislation with a broader scope and involving larger fiscal responsibilities than what is normally seen at the city level.  As such, coupled with his having to work with individuals with opposing view points makes him the one applicant with the most experience for the position.

2.  Jeff King is a retired US Army Lt. Col.  As an engineer officer he held various positions of responsibility involving working with large numbers of military personnel and civilians.  Many of these positions also involved working with large budgetary figures, particularly in the public works area.  His assignment at Ft. Leavenworth with the "Lessons Learned" element speaks for itself.  The position basically called for him and his team to review situations that happened and reporting as to what was learned from those activities, the good and the bad.

With all that said, one must look at a post on this blog at

In that post the Oracle of Shawnee predicted that Stephanie Meyer would get the nod.  What is ironic is that the post was approximately 16 days before she actually filed for the position.  It would be really interesting if the Oracle's prediction comes true.

Keep in mind that the last two council appointments raised some significant questions as to propriety. So much so, that the most recent one which involved the appointment of Alan Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage) resulted in a KOMA investigation by the JoCo DA.

Also, please keep in mind that the mayor did not allow public input at that selection meeting and he is not allowing it at this one coming up.

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