Monday, October 07, 2013

Citizen Suggestion Gets Zero Response

Guess what?  A suggestion I submitted to the city has gotten absolutely no response whatsoever.  The response should have come from either the city manager or the city clerk, but primarily the city manager. 

On 9/15/13 I submitted a suggestion to the city concerning the info submitted by the applicants for the soon to be vacated Ward III council seat.  See post at

The idea was to save time and money for the city, and to make it easier for folks to obtain the info on the applicants so they could review it and submit comments to their council persons.  This is especially important since the mayor has already said that there would be no public input at the 10/28/13 special council meeting.

What was the suggestion?  To put the applicants' info on line so folks could download them.  That would eliminate having to process KORA requests.  Well guess what?  Not only has the suggestion not been implemented, but I never got a reply saying it was a good idea, a bad idea or even a courteous "thanks for the idea".  I bet if certain other folks had submitted the idea it would have been implemented.

Anyway, I did submit KORA requests, and, as usual, our city clerk handled them in a most expeditious manner.  For that I am thankful.

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