Friday, February 06, 2015

Jeff Vaught Ignores Municipal Code Part II

I have been informed that the sign involved in the post below meets size requirements because it is a "monument" sign.  Business property owners may replace business signage with poliitical signage in monument signs up to 50 square feet (70 if bordering a street with a 55 mph posted limit).

Even so, the municipal code was not initially complied with, as a permit to change the signage is required ($75 in this case).  The permit fee was not paid until after the inquiry into the sign's validity.  Specifically, it was paid I believe yesterday.

So, Vaught did not comply with code by not obtaining a permit ahead of time.  And, unless a complaint had been filed he may have gotten away without paying the fee.  Should the signage change back to business from political another permit will be required.

Sidebar:  The business signage that was removed was not advertising his business, but rather that of his tenant, Nalia School of Dance.  Nice way to show support for a downtown small business. Which comes first, Vaught's ego or a small business?