Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Pinocchio Effect - Part II

Guess what I got in the mail?  Jeff "The Arrogant One" Vaught's campaign postcard.

It's wonderful that he sent it out.  He makes it sooooo easy to show why he is not qualified to be the mayor of Shawnee.

From the postcard:  "...we must forego the devisive politics and rhetoric that only attempt to separate us"
My comment:  Who belittles his fellow councilmen if they don't agree with him?  Who belittles members of the community when they voice opinions opposite of his?  So, who really is the divisive (note the proper spelling) one?

From the postcard:  "...Our next mayor requires the vision and proven leadership......."
My comment:  Well what proven leadership does he have?  Nada

From the postcard:  "Jeff is a Proven Leader"
My comment:  Of what?

From the postcard:  He indicates that he is a small business owner in downtown Shawnee and that he is President of the Vaught Group.
My comment: He makes it sound like as president of his company he is a corporate executive. Or, runs a substantially sized company.  Not true.  Ask him how many employees he has, other than a receptionist/admin person. Real small business, but when convenient he tries the other approach.

Ahhhh, the Pinocchio factor keeps growing.  Pretty soon a larger pic will be needed.

Noticed this at Nieman and 65th St, NW corner

My questions:
1.  Was this subliminal advertising?
2.  Was this a Freudian Slip?
3.  Was this a prophecy?
4.  How much?